Immediate Support for Small Business

If you want to dramatically improve your business performance and working lifestyle...

"I’ve applied it to two entirely different types of businesses with the same exceptional results."

What is the Marketing Method?

THE MARKETING METHOD is a proven business improvement programme specifically developed for small business owners and managers with ambition.

It shows you how to divide and conquer issues and gives you a proven step-by-step means of improving any aspect of your business to enhance performance and reduce frustration.

It is primarily a step-by-step process to improve your communications and bring in the type of customers you want… again and again!

It’s ideal when working with others. You simply use THE METHOD as the agenda then everyone concentrates on finding solutions.

THE MARKETING METHOD will work for any business, large or small. It is easily affordable for even the smallest enterprise. There is no study time required – just follow THE MARKETING METHOD.

Results for small business clients have been way above expectations and in some instances life-changing!


Clients spoke openly about their concerns and ambitions….


  • wanted to attract better quality customers
  • had a good business but were always under pressure
  • had difficult employees
  • were suffering from slow sales
  • wanted to sell their business
  • were looking for a new way forward
  • were busy but not making great profit
  • wanted to launch a new business
  • were always on call
  • were short of quality time with the family


  • to increase sales & profit
  • to run a top-class business
  • business development knowhow
  • to resolve long running issues
  • more profitable customers
  • to know how to market their business
  • better staff performance & teamworking
  • to delegate and spread the load
  • the best website in their sector
  • to increase their reputation and profile


Clients spoke openly about what they had achieved and how they felt…

“I hadn’t realised how unhappy I was. Your process certainly made me sit down and take a long hard look at where I want to go. Many thanks for your time in doing that.”    Mike D, Hotelier

“I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t benefit from using this process.”   Ken P, Sales Manager

“It was great to get an outside viewpoint. You can get tunnel-visioned working alone. I decided to register for the programme because I felt it better to find out how to promote properly rather than spend more money on advertising I wasn’t sure of.”   Helen C, Theatre Manager

“I came across the programme not even realising that George was just up the road. I started to investigate and was very impressed with the documentation. We had a short meeting and that confirmed my first impressions and within days we got to work.”

“Every business owner should be using THE METHOD.”

“The new logo gives us a much better profile and reflects the quality of our products and service. It took a bit of time but profit went from £30K to £250K in two years. Way above what I ever thought possible.”                Bob R, Owner/MD

“The process gave us a solid structure all the way through.”   Sandra R, Director

“We’ve just had our best year ever. We’ve doubled our turnover. We genuinely believe this is the best business move we’ve ever made and cannot thank you enough. At long last we feel in control of our own destiny.”      NM, Owner/Manager 

“The Method is great. Everybody works the same system so we all know what stage each of us are at, at any time. The customer research and testing part is essential.”