You have immediate access to your own highly qualified and experienced marketing resource with prices to suit small business budgets...


THE METHOD is a proven business development and marketing training programme for small business owners. No training required, immediate access and support and affordable! Results for clients have been impressive and in some cases life-changing!


The best in the world have a coach, someone with expertise to guide you, someone to talk to and encourage you, someone to help you plan and put projects into action and someone who helps to instil discipline so that progress is positive and steady. Your METHOD Coach will explain all the immense benefits of THE METHOD, explain and guide you through each work package and bring a load of common sense and experience to you and your business. ​



Dale Turnbull,
METHOD Mentor & Coach

Dale first worked in the print industry when she found work in an after school job. On leaving school she attended  Borders College on a Business Studies studies course. After a period working in the offices of a in building company she joined the Social Work department of Scottish Borders Council.

At his bidding, Dale joined brother George in his design and marketing business and as the business grew took responsibility for all administration, production and financial reporting. In addition, Dale was the key project manager for all client work and handled marketing budgets up to £250,000 per annum.Dale sits at the centre of a wide circle of specialist suppliers that she has assembled over twenty plus years.

Not only is she able to source any marketing skill or product that you can think of but is difficult to beat on price and quality. All you have to do is ask.Over the past year, Dale joined forces with George to review and update their unique business development and marketing training programme for small business owners and managers.

Her no-nonsense approach has led to a number of improvements largely due her refusal to accept jargon or posturing, so prevalent in the advertising and marketing industry. As a coach, mentor or facilitator she is a major resource for anyone wishing to improve and grow their business.

"Dale is an essential asset to the company. She is straightforward, sensible, dependable and wholly trustworthy. Martinshouse would never have attained the heights that it has without her unending loyalty."

George Turnbull
METHOD Originator

Having graduated from London Central School of Art & Design, George worked for Braemar Knitwear designing for and selling into European and Far Eastern markets before branching out as a freelance designer.

In the early years, he lectured part time at Scottish College of Textiles and furthered his design and marketing career with James Gardiner Associates in Edinburgh.

In 1983 he set up graphic design studio, TAG Design and introduced strategic marketing services 7 years later. The company grew and relocated to Martinshouse. At this time the name of the company was changed to Martinshouse Design & Marketing.

The business thrived. Martinshouse dominated the golf marketing sector, won the Scottish Marketing Award for Large Companies with Glenmuir and at one time placed more advertising in golf magazines that any other agency in the UK. 

In 1999, George spent the summer developing a business development, marketing planning and management training process specifically for owners and managers of small businesses, charities, clubs and associations. The programme was known as Turn The Bull To Your Advantage and results, according to registered users, have been outstanding. In 2018, this successful business development programme was reviewed and updated to encompass new marketing technologies resulting from the explosion of social media advertising. At the same time, the management training programme was rebranded THE MARKETING METHOD and Dale undertook the role of lead coach. George is very excited about the new developments and is now working on the online version to give access to more and more people at the right investment.

"It is an absolute delight to work with something that literally does not fail!"