Results for small business clients have been way above expectations and in some instances life-changing!...

Based on over 20 years marketing experience and developed by past winners of The Scottish Marketing Award, THE MARKETING METHOD was first launched in 2000. 

Formerly known as Turn The Bull To Your Advantage, this is the 3rd edition that encompasses all the recent developments in social media advertising and email marketing. 

Results for small business clients have been way above expectations and in some instances life-changing!


THE MARKETING METHOD has been specifically developed for small business owners and managers with no previous formal training in sales and marketing. Everyone who has conscientiously applied the process has achieved excellent results, way above expectations, and in some instances life-changing!


The 10 Work Packages and 87 topics are written in everyday language and cover every aspect of business improvement. This simplifies the complex process of business development and marketing because you only deal with one topic at a time.


Over the years, it has become abundantly clear that one of the biggest threats and frustrations in any business is ‘butterflying’ – hopping from one thing to another, dealing with too many ideas, too little time to properly resolve issues. METHOD TIME is when you set time aside in total peace and quiet, to focus on your personal and business success.

About The Marketing Method


Simply replaces this mildly chaotic approach with an organised, proven formula to business development and improvement. By applying it, your unique success plan unfolds naturally and keeps you on track.


This 10-step process is not for professional marketeers or high-powered moguls with loads of expert resource and monster budgets. It was specifically developed for practical, responsible, hard-working small business owners.


Working with THE MARKETING METHOD will make you realise there is an easier and better way to do business. So, let us help you remove all the issues and pressures that suck the joy out of life. Sign on today!


If you have any doubts, just ask yourself, how long you been looking for the right answers, and how much progress have you made?




‘This work package was critical for us. It showed us how to sort out the issues that were causing us major grief. Then we worked out a plan for our whole business progression. It was all new to us but ‘improvement planning’ is exactly what this stage is all about. Essential!’

‘Our team used to spend hours and hours talking about how to promote the business, only to walk away again, having achieved absolutely nothing.’

Attack those recurring issues that come back to haunt you again and again. A total waste of time and money.

‘Now, we focus our time and money on target customers.
Anything else is a waste of time.’

‘We reviewed all the different marketing tools that might be best for reaching out to new customers. It had never struck me to use an ‘expensive’ boxed mailer. When you think about it, if you get something special in the mail you look at it, the cheap stuff goes straight to the bin.’

‘I spent 5 sessions working on our sales process. George was concerned about the cost until I explained that this was the biggest source of frustration and conflict in our business. It was having a really negative impact on our performance. It took time, but the outcome was invaluable.’

‘If we get nothing else from this programme… ‘Tell the customer what they need to hear.’ …does it for me.
It will be the slogan in our business from this day forward.’

‘We repackaged the products and services for the different target markets and worked out distinct messages for each audience. Then we tested our new logo, corporate messaging, product brochures and website before we launched. We were thrilled.’

‘It’s counselling as much as marketing. It’s lonely running a business when you’re on a different wavelength to others around you. Now I see the light rather than the hamster wheel. It’s opened up what can happen on a bigger scale – no limits!’

‘I manage annual marketing budgets up to £250,000. We start planning 3 months before the year end. It would be total chaos without the action plan, responsibilities list, timetable and budget. The stress would be unbearable if we didn’t plan ahead. Once the plan is in place, even for one-off projects, everyone can relax and get on with the job.

‘Two things happened. Staff, family and friends felt included and valued. Secondly, they told everybody what we were up to. My advice, launch with style, make it an event! Some of the most unexpected people have great contacts.’